Simple Quality Ingredients

“Simple Quality Ingredients” was the title of a slide I prepared for a recent presentation about Online Video Marketing… so here is the backstory.

Several years ago, I went to a restaurant that promised at most 5 ingredients in every dish. The promise came with an important caveat …. each ingredient was quality. Fresh hand picked basil, fresh homemade mozzarella imported from Italy… you get the point. Simple quality ingredients combined in a thoughtful way made a very unique meal.

The same concept can apply to a video. We finished a piece for an attorney that combined just three ingredients: a quality image (shot in full HD with a broadcast quality P2 camera), some thoughtful supporting graphics that tied the sound bites together and a bed of music to help establish tone.

When we first sat down with the attorney his story was not clearly different, he did what a lot of lawyers do. However, the more he talked the more his voice started sounding unique because he was talking about what being a lawyer meant to him. This became his definition. So we took it literally and decided to graphically rip a page out of the dictionary. “How To Choose a Lawyer” became the title once we realized his definition was much more personal than anything you can find in the dictionary. As for the music, well I don’t know about you… but if I were a lawyer redefining what a lawyer did… I would want some light funk to follow me wherever I went.

Branded Online Video Content — The New King?

Advertisers are trending in the direction of branded content. Meaning an online video series is sponsored by or supported by a certain brand. This can range from shows designed for TV that for some reason never made it to news programs.

In large part, Hulu’s success is based upon this content model and recently even YouTube had to admit that they have missed the boat and are focusing on exploring ways of capitalizing on high-quality branded video content by creating specific channels to be more niche oriented and targeted (e.g. Motor Trend).

Here is a panel discussion about an aspect of the branded content conversation that I came across from Streaming Media. It is unfortunately long and not particularly well produced (i.e. mediocre shooting and only one channel of audio) but has some very interesting perspectives about the future of branded content online.

Online Video Marketing Event (Video)

As promised, here is the highlight video of the February 6th event hosted by Analog Method.

This video shows some key takeaways from the seminar I presented about online video marketing.

Special thanks again to Noble Desktop for allowing us to use their office in NYC. The event was part of Analog Method’s Marketing Technology Seminar Series.

To see the full half-hour presentation (ok… more like 33 minutes) please send a request to or post a comment below with your request — don’t worry we made the longer version web friendly as well!

Great Crowd…

Thank you to everyone who came to the seminar about Online Video Marketing on Monday night and thank you also for the kind words. I am glad you got so much out of it!

For those who did not get a chance to attend, no worries…

We had a camera there recording the event and will have a webinar version of the presentation available for you to watch online shortly.

Finally, I wanted to give a big thank you to both Analog Method for organizing the event and Noble Desktop for allowing us to use their space. These are two very well run and impressive organizations and certainly should be on your list to check out if you need website design/development (Analog Method) and/or computer graphics training (Noble Desktop)… Thanks again to both!