Mad Bear Productions Wins Another Telly

The Mad Bear team is extremely proud to announce another trophy for our collective mantlepiece.


We won a 2013 Telly Award for a video entitled “Chess and Insurance.”

We produced the video for our client First Fidelity Brokerage, an insurance brokerage firm specializing in business needs.

After hearing about the award, First Fidelity CEO Eugene B. Podokshik said,

“The Mad Bear team googled me and saw that I was once a chess champion.  This was unique so they built a whole theme around it and successfully portrayed me and my firm as strategic and forward thinking.”

Mad Bear President Glenn Zimmerman said,

“Themes are an important part of any story. So, given First Fidelity’s approach to insurance from a strategic standpoint, chess just made sense as a way to visualize insurance.”

Podokshik added,

“Don’t let the growl fool you. The Mad Bear is very thoughtful, creative and actually pretty nice, I must admit. “

This is Mad Bear’s 2nd Telly Award in as many years.

Last year we won the award for The Story of PeriClean: A Brushless Toothbrush.

Please check out our Telly Award winning videos and feel free to leave your reactions to what you see.

Looking forward to hearing from you…